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  • Saturdays and Sundays
  • Mondays to Fridays
  • Café 16
    Mon-Sat 10am-4pm

Opening times

  • Saturdays and Sundays
  • Mondays to Fridays
  • Café 16
    Mon-Sat 10am-4pm

Governance and Policy

The Cathedral’s Measure 2021 is the legislation that sets out how Cathedrals are governed. It also requires Cathedrals to be registered with the Charity Commission. Newcastle Cathedral became a registered charity on 30th June 2023 (charity number 1203907). The Trustees of the charity are the members of Chapter whose role is to operate the charity for public benefit.


  • The Chapter of the Cathedral Church of St Nicholas, Newcastle, is the governing body of Newcastle Cathedral. It comprises the Dean, Residentiary Canons and up to eight ‘non-executive’ members (at least two-thirds of whom must be laypeople). The Bishop attends a meeting of the Chapter at least once every year and also appoints one of the non-executive members as the Senior Non-Executive Member.
  • The Cathedral is regulated by and accountable to both the Church Commissioners and the Charity Commission.
  • There are four statutory committees which report to Chapter. They are the Finance and Investment Committee, Audit and Risk Committee, Safeguarding Committee and the Nominations Committee.
  • Chapter receive a report from Cathedral’s strategic/operational Senior Management Team (SMT) at every meeting.
  • The Chief Operating Officer reports to Chapter at every meeting, which includes items relating to finance, fabric, H&S and HR.

Chapter membership

  • The Dean of Newcastle
  • Canon for Music and Liturgy, The Reverend Canon Clare MacLaren
  • Canon for Outreach and Discipleship, The Reverend Canon Peter Dobson
  • The Archdeacon of Northumberland, The Venerable Rachel Wood
  • Mr David Bilton (Bishop’s appointment and Senior Non-Executive Member)
  • Ms Edna Beveridge (Bishop’s appointment)
  • Mr Eric Jubb (congregational appointment)
  • Mr David Lawrence (congregational appointment)
  • Chapter Steward is Kate Sussams, Chief Operating Officer, who attends every Chapter meeting

The College of Canons

Chapter is supported by the College of Canons which brings together a wide geographical reach and rich expertise. The Canons are ambassadors for the Cathedral and offer us wise counsel. The College of Canons is composed of Honorary and Lay Canons appointed by the Bishop and it supports the life of the Cathedral in many different ways. The members of the College of Canons are the Bishop, the Dean, Suffragan and full-time Assistant Bishops, the Archdeacons and every Lay and Clerical Canon of the Cathedral. The Chapter seeks to keep the College of Canons informed about the work of the Cathedral and may seek its views on various matters.

Cathedral Policies

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Please click here to view our Visual Arts Policy and click here to view our accompanying document, ‘Newcastle Cathedral Art, Statuary, Artefacts and Furnishings’

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