• Sunday
    Opening mid-August 2021
  • Monday to Friday
    Opening mid-August 2021
  • Saturdays and Bank Holidays
    Opening mid-August 2021

Opening times

  • Sunday
    Opening mid-August 2021
  • Monday to Friday
    Opening mid-August 2021
  • Saturdays and Bank Holidays
    Opening mid-August 2021

Fling Wide the Doors!

Our doors will be ‘flung open’ later this summer – sign up to our mailing list to be notified about our plans.

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Newcastle Cathedral’s reopening is almost upon us, as the Very Revd Geoff Miller, Dean of Newcastle, is very pleased to write…

Cue the drum roll, raise the flags, sound the fanfare, enter the Choir (hopefully singing Parry’s ‘I was Glad’) then fling wide the Great West Doors. The Cathedral, resplendent with new floor, lighting, and a post-works sparkle-clean welcomes one and all to share in its delights and to reconnect with its people and that definitely includes you!

COVID-19 has made sure that the last 18 months have been a complete whirlwind for everyone. At the Cathedral that has been compounded by the planned arrival of diggers and scaffold, tracking and cranking machines, cherry pickers and container plant and, of course, a whole team of stonemasons, designers, conservators and archaeologists. Could it be that 18 months later both these elements of the last year’s storm will come to an end? It would be an answer to many prayers!

I write still awaiting the green light out of lockdown to be announced by the Prime Minister. This is, of course, well out of the Cathedral’s jurisdiction. However, save any for unknown delays, the capital works in the Cathedral are fast ending – Alleluia.

It’s now time to invite you to ‘come and see’ and we hope you will take up our invitation. In the church itself, you will see a stunning transformation: a splendid new floor and flexible seating, and engaging interpretation which (with film, lights and audio) tells the story of Newcastle and its people and St Nicholas warts and all. We like to think of it as stories of the good, the bad and the ugly! There is a new retail point, a re-imagined café now run by The Oswin Project (which works alongside ex-offenders) and super-duper new ‘facilities’ (no more queuing for the loos) transforming the old hall basement.

Outside, there’s a redesigned churchyard, including a profoundly moving walk featuring the ‘Newcastle Beatitudes’ – ten city centre blessings penned by members of the clergy – and our beautiful raised Terrace built under the glaring eyes of the infamous vampire rabbit. Without a doubt, this has been the most significant refurbishment of St Nicholas since 1787 and so many have worked hard to make it happen. However, what excites and energises us most is what could happen in this place next. We have been busy (almost frantic on occasions) preparing different ways to offer a ‘more than’ welcome to those who would come and see.

  • We have been encouraging and training volunteers to offer a smile, their ears to listen and their undivided attention to everyone they encounter – we need more volunteers; why not join us?
  • A stimulating and varied programme of activities – tours, crafts, talks, family events, exhibitions, and concerts. More information coming soon, but for the time being, take a look here.

Even under the cover of lockdown, it’s been a busy year, but we are looking forward to a roller-coaster ride ahead!

For us, it is a thrilling journey as we have become the privileged custodians of a living shrine – if by shrine you understand the original meaning of the word – ‘a container for precious things’. Our shrine is filled with majestic stones, dignified colonnades, moving memorials and colourful glass but even more important. thousands of stories: our stories of our joys and sorrows, and our encounters with a gracious God and each other.

So, it’s time to get your diary out now and book a time to come. Bring your friends, stay and have lunch or tea and let us welcome you. We will be open each day from late July/early August (exact date to be confirmed very soon – sign up to our mailing list to be notified).

And until we meet… God be with you.

Service TimesUntil 11 July
Morning Prayer (live on Facebook)Weekdays 8:30am
Morning Service/Eucharist (live on YouTube) Sun 10am
Evening Reflection (YouTube) Mon, Tues & Fri 5:30pm
Organ Recitals (temporarily at Jesmond United Reformed Church)Mon 1:05pm
Choral Evensong with Reflection (live on YouTube) Wed & Fri 5:45pm; Sun 4pm (no reflection)
Service TimesFrom 12 July until end of July
Morning Prayer (live on Facebook) Weekdays 8:30am
Morning Service/Eucharist (live on YouTube)Sun 10am
Evening Reflection (YouTube) Weekdays 5:30pm
Organ Recitals (temporarily at Jesmond United Reformed Church) Mon 1:05pm
Choral Evensong with Reflection (live on YouTube)Sun 4pm (Said Evening Prayer in Cathedral)

Our full programme of worship will continue, both in-person and online, when the Cathedral reopens.

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